Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cookbook Review: Pillsbury Easy as Pie

✰✰✰✰½ Hurray for pie any time of the year! Whether you are looking for a sweet treat or a savory pie that serves as a main dish, this book is for you. The rewards will be plentiful when you follow the Pillsbury pie formula which is so easy to remember: "140 simple recipes + 1 readymade pie crust = sweet success".

Pies come in lots of different sizes and the Pillsbury editors were clever to include recipes for 8" or 9" pies, 4" or 10" tarts, and mini-tarts. The recipes are divided by type: Chapter 1 - Fruit and Berry Harvest, Chapter 2 - Creamy and Chilled Favorites, Chapter 3 - Holiday Pies and Tarts, and Chapter 4 - Savory Pies and Quiches.

There is also a short introduction which covers basics like how to handle pie crusts and freezing pies. Additionally, "Pie Tips" are plentiful and provide handy "trivia" information such as freezing rhubarb, substituting walnuts for pecans, and peeling peaches. Finally, this book comes in an easy to use spiral-bound hardcover which lies flat and includes a handy Metric Conversion Guide and an Index.

Recipes that caught my eye include Amaretto Peach Tart, Black-Bottom Banana Cream Pie, Pear-Cranberry Pie with Eggnog Sauce, and Chicken Enchilada Quiche. Some of the best Bake-off recipes are included as well.

The Bottom Line:
Each recipe in this cookbook has clearly written directions and ingredient lists; the lists are divided in sections for the crust, filling, toppings, layers, and sauces. Most of the recipes include beautiful, full-color photos; however, it would have been great if a photo were included for each recipe. Highly recommended for beginning bakers just learning and accomplished bakers looking to save a little time. Bakers looking for more great recipes should check out the Pillsbury website.

Pillsbury Easy as Pie by the Pillsbury Editors. Published by Wiley Publishing, Inc. in 2010. Hardcover edition, spiral-bound. 208 p. ISBN: 978-0-470-48553-8

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