Saturday, June 5, 2010

Book Review: Catching Hell by Greg F. Gifune

✰✰✰½ Four friends, a country road, a freak rainstorm, and a seemingly deserted backwoods town can only add up to trouble. When Billy, Stefan, Alex, and Tory pull in to Boxer Hills in their old Ford Fairlaine, all they're looking for is a bite to eat. What they find instead is a town stuck in 1947 that harbors a horrible secret and ancient rituals. They have until the sun rises the following morning to reach freedom or surrender to the evil force that rules the town. Can they escape in time or will they be captured in an endless cycle of ancient evil?

The Bottom Line:
Gifune's new novella, Catching Hell, is like a trip to The Twilight Zone, only scarier. Although the story has a slow start, it really packs a punch in the end. This story will leave you wary of the hinterlands and those little country roads that lead to them. Also, artist Jill Bauman's fantastic black and white illustrations enhance the book's dark tone. Due to the use of mature language, this book is recommended for adults who love horror.

Catching Hell by Greg F. Gifune. Advance Uncorrected Proof published by Cemetery Dance in 2010. 128 p. ISBN: 978-1-58767-191-3

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