Saturday, June 19, 2010

Book Review: Closed for the Season by Mary Downing Hahn

✰✰✰✰✰ They're not the Hardy Boys, but Logan and Arthur make an excellent crime fighting duo. Logan Forbes is the new kid in town determined to shed his geeky image and make cool friends. So he's none too pleased when the know-it-all next door, Arthur Jenkins, becomes his self-appointed new best friend.

Arthur wastes no time in informing Logan of the tale of murder that happened right in the very house his family has moved into. Myrtle Donaldson, a former employee of the Magic Forest theme park died amidst rumors that she embezzled money from her employer. In fact, there are some in the town who believe the money is still hidden inside Logan's home.

When the boys find an intriguing letter written by Mrs. Donaldson, they soon find themselves caught up in a quest to discover her murderer and uncover the identity of the real embezzler. With bulldozers waiting in the wings to raze the Magic Forest, the boys must race against time to solve the mystery.

The Bottom Line:
Closed for the Season had been on my "To Be Read" list for a while, and I'm glad that I finally had the chance to read this 2010 Edgar winner in the juvenile category. I just loved it. Closed for the Season is a quick-paced, charming mystery with an underlying lesson in friendship. Kids, especially boys, will relate to the main characters of Logan and Arthur.Enthusiastically recommended for kids in middle school.

Closed for the Season by Mary Downing Hahn. Hardcover edition published by Clarion Books in 2009. 192 p. ISBN: 978-0-547-08451-0

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