Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Book Review: 'Truck: A Love Story' by Michael Perry

✰✰✰½ Humorist Michael Perry brings readers the true story of a truck, a garden, and a girl. As a confirmed bachelor, Perry enjoys a comfortable life in Wisconsin. He proudly serves with his neighbors on the New Auburn Area Fire Department and spends his time writing. He is surrounded by family, good friends, and fun times. However, as Perry approaches forty, he yearns for something more.

Peppered with anecdotes about the characters he encounters on a daily basis, readers follow Perry through a year of truck restoration, amateur gardening, and finding true love. Will he finally settle down with the girl of his dreams? Check this one out for your book club and discuss his adventures.

The Bottom Line: This is an endearing look at small town life in the Midwest. No matter where you live, readers will relate to searching for true love and finding a sense of belonging. Perry writes about family and friends with humor, kindness, and respect. His writing brings a unique focus to everyday things and an appreciation for living in the present. Recommended for car enthusiasts, gardeners, and romantics who enjoy a happy ending.

Book Club Notes: Our group was quite divided in their impressions of this book. Half of the group really liked it. We enjoyed Perry's humor and take on small town life. We discussed the possibility of living off the grid…at least for a little while. We also had a sincere discussion about the challenges of blended families and marrying later in life.

Those who didn’t like the book had trouble with the first chapter or two. A few didn’t finish reading it. They were especially bogged down with the descriptions of repairing the truck, which contrasted with those who really enjoyed the same descriptions. Finally, some members had difficulty reading about hunting.

We all agreed that we did learn something from this book, including a recipe for tomato stock. Also, several members mentioned that they would like to talk to the author because he sounded like a really nice guy.

Ratings for this book averaged around 3.5 (on a scale from 1 – 5), and several people will be looking into Perry’s other books. 

Book clubs can find book discussion questions from the Madison Public Library hereAdditionally, here are some more questions I asked the group: 

1. Discuss the following quote: “No matter our vocation, we so often find ourselves living life as a form of triage.” p. 107 

2. Anneliese says: We are what we are because of what was. p. 148 What does she mean? Does anyone ever feel like they wish they could change the past? Or ask for a do-over? 

3. Perry writes: “It’s so easy to get caught up in our brief little history…You forget sometimes what a disruption you are. And how late you have entered the game. p. 184   Have you ever felt like this? 

4. Discuss the difficulties of blended families. 

5. Which topic appealed to you the most and why? Repairing the truck? Gardening? Finding true love? Small town life? 

6. The author and Anneliese discuss living off the grid. Would living off the grid appeal to you? Why or why not? 

7. Compare and contrast small town life vs. city life. 

8. What is the appeal of this book beyond the Midwest? 

Details: Truck: A Love Story by Michael Perry. Paperback published by Harper Perennial in 2007, reissued in 2016. 304 p. ISBN: 978-0-06057118-4 

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