Sunday, February 14, 2016

Book Review: 'Happy Valentine's Day, Dolores' by Barbara Samuels

✰✰✰½ Dolores and her big sister, Faye, get along swell...most of the time. However, after Dolores sneaks into Faye's room one too many times, they have an argument. Dolores agrees to stay out of her sister's room, but when she spies Faye with a small box, curiosity gets the better of her. After all, one small peek won't hurt, will it?

Inside the box Dolores discovers an adorable Valentine's Day present. She simply must try it on, and Faye will be none the wiser. Dolores almost gets away with it until the present goes missing. Whatever will Dolores do? Valentine's Day just around the corner. With her cat, Duncan, and a little bit of luck, Dolores still has time to make it the best Valentine's Day ever.

The Bottom Line: This charming tale of sibling rivalry makes this holiday book special. Perfect for storytime or bedtime, kids will identify with both the big sister and the little sister. Humorous illustrations complement the story. This installment of Dolores and Duncan is fun reading for kids in grades K - 3.

Details: Happy Valentine's Day, Dolores by Barbara Samuels. Hardcover picture book published by Melanie Kroupa Books in 2006. 32 p. ISBN: 9780374328443

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