Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Book Review: 'Little Santa' by Jon Agee

✰✰✰✰ Little Santa lives at the North Pole with his family. There is always more wood to be chopped and snow to be shoveled at the North Pole. Little Santa loves it, but his family doesn't. On the night before his family moves to Florida, a terrible blizzard arrives and traps them all inside. Little Santa is the only one who can climb out of the chimney and go for help. Along the way he finds a very special reindeer and a houseful of helpful elves. With the help of his new friends, Little Santa rescues his family. Things are good for a while, but when winter rolls around again, Little Santa must make a choice. Will he move to Florida with his family or stay at the North Pole?

The Bottom Line: Jon Agee's sweet story is a different take on the story of Santa Claus. This is a fun story to read, especially for kids asking questions about Santa. Kids ages 2 - 5 will love the adorable illustrations and the story of Santa as a kid himself.

Details: Little Santa written & illustrated by Jon Agee. Hardcover picture book published by Dial Books for Young Readers in 2013. 40 p. ISBN: 978-0-8037-3906-2

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