Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Book Review: 'It's April Fools' Day!' by Steven Kroll

✰✰✰✰½ Horace is a bully. He likes being mean, and his favorite target is Alice. By the time April Fools' Day rolls around, Alice is afraid to leave the house. When she finally does, Horace is waiting for her. He dumps water on her, pulls her tail, and chases her. Each time he plays a trick on Alice, he yells, "April Fool!" After Alice decides she has had enough, she sneaks back to her house and comes up with a plan to turn the tables on Horace. Now it's Horace who ends up all wet, but Alice is still worried. What will Horace do next? Horace is full of surprises, and the ending is the best surprise of all.

The Bottom Line: Despite being an older title, this picture book has retained its appeal with a charming story about friendship. The illustrations in soft pastel colors are cute and easy to follow. Highly recommended for the little ones. This title will appeal to both boys and girls in preschool and kindergarten. Highly recommended for both bedtime reading and storytime.

Details: It's April Fools' Day! written by Steven Kroll and illustrated by Jeni Bassett. Hardcover picture book published by Holiday House in 1990. 32 p. ISBN: 0-8234-0747-0

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