Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013! The Year of the Library!

Let's start the new year off right with a visit to your local library. In fact, let's all make it a goal to visit the library once a week and make 2013 “The Year of the Library.” At this point, you might be thinking to yourself that there’s nothing to do at the library. Perhaps you haven’t even set foot in one since you were in school and got in trouble for talking too loud. Well, now is the perfect time to visit. Libraries are changing to suit the needs of their customers. Check out the following list of 52 things you can do at your local library. I have included one activity for each week of the year. The list is chronological, but you can try these in any order you wish.

Week 1: Join the Winter Reading Program.
Week 2: Join a book club or learn how to start your own.
Week 3: Start a blog.
Week 4: Write your resume.
Week 5: Scan & edit your photos.
Week 6: Check out a magazine…yes, we still have them.
Week 7: Learn new computer skills at workshop.
Week 8: Attend Game Night and play chess, checkers, Wii & more.
Week 9: Attend a concert.
Week 10: March is National Foreign Language Month. You can learn a new language with books,
     CDs, and software at the library.
Week 11: It’s also National Nutrition Month. Learn to cook in a cooking class.
Week 12: Learn a new craft too. (March is National Craft Month as well.)
Week 13: Prepare for standardized tests, including the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT,
     & more with study guides.
Week 14: Plan your Spring garden.
Week 15: Check out an e-reader & download an e-book.
Week 16: Plan your vacation.
Week 17: Volunteer at the library or find volunteer matches using the library computers. National
     Volunteer Week begins April 21.
Week 18: Research and write your term paper with books and online databases.
Week 19: May is National Home Remodeling Month, so check out some books to plan your
     home’s remodel.
Week 20: Check out a best seller.
Week 21: Borrow an audiobook; it will make your commute go faster.
Week 22: Free Wi-Fi.
Week 23: Join the Summer Reading Program. & sign your kids up too.
Week 24: Fix your car using auto repair manuals available at your library.
Week 25: Use a computer and update your status or check your email.
Week 26: Find a new genre to enjoy. Try a Western or some Sci-Fi.
Week 27: Check out a museum pass.
Week 28: Get help with job hunting.
Week 29: Use a database to get consumer ratings before your next big purchase.
Week 30: Attend a library book sale.
Week 31: Visit the library’s latest art exhibit.
Week 32: Borrow music CDs. Libraries have it all from jazz to rock to classical.
Week 33: Take your baby or child to story hour.
Week 34: Read the newspaper…yes, we still have these too.
Week 35: Get suggestions for what to read next.
Week 36: Become a literacy tutor. (Sept. 8 is International Literacy Day)
Week 37: Kids can get homework help.
Week 38: Join the Friends of Library.
Week 39: Reserve a meeting room for your group.
Week 40: Find your ancestors. (October is Family History Month)
Week 41: Learn how to invest. Financial Planning Week begins October 7.
Week 42: Get ideas for your child’s Halloween costume.
Week 43: Discover local history by using the archives and microfilm reader to uncover the past.
Week 44: Research financial aid and scholarship opportunities.
Week 45: Attend family reading night.
Week 46: Join a writer’s group and finally finish your book.
Week 47: Meet local authors.
Week 48: Make a donation in memory of your loved one for a book purchase.
Week 49: Plan you holiday cookie exchange with cookbooks from the library.
Week 50: Get information on how to write a business plan. (December is National Write a
     Business Plan Month.)
Week 51: Attend a job hunting workshop.
Week 52: Find interview tips.

There you have it; 52 weeks of library visits. Not only will you fulfill all of your New Year's resolutions, but you will save money too. Oh, and feel free to visit the library even more. You'll find there are many more things to do like attend a craft exchange, visit the bookmobile, check out a DVD, attend a yoga workshop, check out a graphic novel, meet a “living book,” read to a dog, watch a movie, or find your soul mate at a library speed dating event. Who knew? So here's to another great year of books, library events, and reading.
Happy New Year from Mini Book Bytes Book Reviews!

Note: The free clip art is from Mrs. Nelson's Toy and Book Shop.

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