Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book Review: Amazonas by Alan Peter Ryan

✰✰✰½ Henrietta fears the search will never end. Her husband, Edwin, has become obsessed with finding what is known as The Slave Tree. Few people ever return from this journey. But while the pursuit for The Slave Tree strikes fear in Henrietta's heart, she must face something even more frightening. Deep in the forests of the Amazonas, all Henrietta can do is watch as her husband succumbs to his obsession and grows closer to insanity every day. As the only woman on the journey, she fears what will happen to her if she loses Edwin so far away from humanity. At the end of their journey, Henrietta must face the dark secrets of The Slave Tree as she discovers what can drive a person mad.

The Bottom Line: While Amazonas gets off to a slow start, the tension builds with a smoldering intensity like the heat of the jungle; I simply couldn't put it down. Dark and disturbing, this one will stay with you for a while. Due to violence, this short tale is recommended for mature audiences who enjoy horror.

Details: Amazonas by Alan Peter Ryan. Advance Uncorrected Proof published by Cemetery Dance in 2011. 124 p. ISBN: 978-1-58767-233-0

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