Sunday, July 18, 2010

Book Review: A Rumpole Christmas: Stories by John Mortimer

✰✰✰½ Crime never takes a holiday and neither does Rumpole. Every year Rumpole and She Who Must Be Obeyed exchange the obligatory Christmas presents: a tie for him and a bottle of lavender water for her. Sounds simple enough; yet, it isn't. Rumpole manages to find himself involved in five holiday mysteries.

'Tis the season for mischief as Rumpole encounters a suspicious Father Christmas, endures a heath spa, visits a church, entertains children, and defends a suspected terrorist, all in typical Rumpole fashion. Enjoy this treat to the fullest as this collection is likely to be the last publication featuring "new" Rumpole stories. Sadly, John Mortimer passed away in January, 2009. All of the stories in
A Rumpole Christmas have previously appeared in magazines, but this is the first time they appear in book format.

The Bottom Line:
Rumpole is probably John Mortimer's most beloved and memorable character. Whether you have time to read just one story or all, there's a story in this collection that's just right for you. Delightful reading as always. Recommended for mystery buffs who enjoy short stories. Rumpole is sure to liven up your holiday spirit.

A Rumpole Christmas: Stories by John Mortimer. Hardcover published by Viking in 2009. 176 pages. ISBN: 978-0-670-02135-2

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