Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Book Review: The Ninth Daughter by Barbara Hamilton

✰✰✰ Abigail Adams is a colonial housewife turned amateur sleuth in this charming debut series. While on her way to the market, Mrs. Adams stumbles upon the gruesome murder of a woman at her friend Rebecca's house. For a moment Mrs. Adams fears it is her friend. Discovering that it is someone else, Mrs. Adam's relief quickly turns to panic as she realizes that Rebecca is missing along with a ledger filled with secret ciphers and names important to The Sons of Liberty.

When the Redcoats show up, Abigail is shocked to learn that the evidence points to her husband, John Adams, as being the murderer. Mrs. Adams must reluctantly agree to work with Lt. Coldstone of the British Army if she wants to clear her husband's name and find her friend. After a slow start, the suspense builds as Mrs. Adams follows a trail of murder victims to a colony of religious zealots.

The Bottom Line:
Mystery buffs, who enjoy historical fiction set during the Pre-Revolutionary War period, will enjoy this new series. Barbara Hamilton does a great job of taking the reader back in time to colonial Boston with a mystery that has many twists and turns. Enjoyable reading.

The Ninth Daughter: An Abigail Adams Mystery by Barbara Hamilton. Published by The Berkley Publishing Group in 2009. Paperback with 368 p. ISBN: 978-0-425-23077-0

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