Monday, March 15, 2010

Cookbook Review: Pecans from Soup to Nuts by K. Courrege

✰✰✰✰✰ Whether you say it "pee-cans" or "pa-kawns", the pecan is a tasty treat either way. Suitable for sweet or spicy dishes, this versatile nut can be candied or toasted, added to salads or tossed into main dishes. The first edition of Pecans from Soup to Nuts was published in 1984 and has been reprinted several times. This is a completely updated version and includes recipes from Marcelle Bienvenu as well as recipes from the original.

This cookbook includes five easy to read chapters, a Source Guide, and an Index. Complete information is provided about the history of the pecan, storage, and the different forms used in cooking and baking. The recipes are a cinch to follow with step-by-step directions featuring simple ingredients that are readily available. Each includes a fantastic color photo. Recipes that caught my eye include: Basic Sugared Pecans; Pecan and Chicken Salad; Shrimp, Vegetable, and Pecan Pasta; Pecan Pralines; and Pecan Martini.

The Bottom Line:
The pecan is not only delicious and versatile, but it's nutritious as well. Cooks of all levels will enjoy this beautiful cookbook. Try cooking and baking with pecans today; it's a snap with
Keith Courrégé’s Pecans from Soup to Nuts.

: Pecans from Soup to Nuts by
Keith Courrégé and Marcelle Bienvenu. Published by The Pelican Publishing Company, Inc. in 2009. 128 p. ISBN: 978-1589806481

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