Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January is National Book Blitz Month!

While looking through Chase's Calendar of Events, I suddenly realized that January is National Book Blitz Month. Who knew? I certainly didn't. So I decided to do a little research. It turns out that there isn't much information available about this obscure celebration.

National Book Blitz Month was originally created by a public relations executive as an opportunity for authors to market and promote their books. However, today the annual event has been expanded to include other activities for readers as well. Enhance your reading pleasure by trying one of the following activities:

  • Hold a family contest and see who can read the most books in a month.
  • Visit a bookstore.
  • Try reading a book in a different genre like a western or a hard-boiled detective novel or even a biography.
  • Give the gift of imagination to someone else; buy them a gift card to their favorite bookstore.
  • Join a book discussion club.
  • Read to a child.
  • Sign up for the Winter Reading Program at your local library.
  • Pick up one of your favorite books and reread it.
How you celebrate National Book Blitz month is up to you. Whatever you decide, set aside some time to turn off the TV and settle down with a good book. Happy Reading!

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