Monday, November 16, 2009

Book Review: ISIS by D. Clegg

5/5 stars. This hauntingly beautiful tale of love, loss, and the supernatural will mesmerize the reader from beginning to end. ISIS by Douglas Clegg is a triumph. He invites the reader to witness the transformation of a young innocent girl into a mysterious oracle.

Born Iris Catherine Villiers, the story finds young Iris growing up with her siblings on her grandfather's Cornwall estate. She soon discovers his collection of books on the occult. When her beloved brother Harvey dies, Iris is overcome by grief. Despite the warnings of Old Marsh, the gardener, Iris is unnaturally drawn to the Tombs as she turns to the supernatural to resurrect Harvey. But will things be the same as before Harvey's death? This gothic themed novella transports readers to the exact moment Iris becomes realizes her new power and becomes ISIS.

Readers of Clegg's Harrow House series will remember Isis. Many have wondered: who is she, where did she come from, and how did she become an oracle? All of these questions are answered in this stand-alone prequel. Read ISIS as a "chapter" in the continuing saga of Harrow House or read it for itself. Either way this novella will stay with you for a long time.

Features stunning black & white illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne. The intricacy of the artwork is astounding. Just when you think you've seen everything, something else catches your eye.

The Bottom Line: ISIS is the best novella I've read in a very long time. Whether you are a fan of horror, mystery, fantasy, or gothic fiction; this book will appeal to many. Try it; you'll like it.

Details: ISIS by Douglas Clegg, 2009. ISBN: 978-1-593155407

For more supernatural fun, visit Douglas Clegg's website at: (I, for one, couldn't resist swatting the fly, and I bet you can't either.) Find out more about ISIS:

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